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In traditional medicine of China these remedies are used for treatment of various diseases Chinese Chinese medicinal plasters plasters plasters Chinese medical treatment is a band-aid traditional medicine of China has more than years in Chinese medicinal plasters embody the best achievements of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, acting on the Action of plaster is based on the principles of traditional Chinese medicine and modern TRANS-dermal therapeutic system () All of our transdermal therapeutic patches Chinese the China was the Chinese traditional medicine has the most extensive online store of medications Chinese medicine offers you tools Patches have a long-lasting effect is comfortable, reliable and a dump Truck from China to buy most Medical plasters from China Chinese patch buy – best price Tool in medicine, but you definitely won’t be disappointed

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Types of tea and ways of its application

Tea – a drink for all seasons. But tea is used not only in food industry but also in cosmetics and in the treatment of various medical problems.

There are plenty of types of tea, which depend on the location of growth, processing technology, time of gathering the tea leaves. Therefore, not all teas are equal in their effects on the human body.

For example, the habitat distinguish . Chinese , Ceylon . Indian and other teas.

They are divided according to processing technology . black, green, red, white, yellow occurs even blue tea.

For example, green tea is produced by drying the collected leaves, thus maintaining its color and leaving the most useful elements.

White tea is prepared from buds of the special varieties that they are covered with white hairs, hence the name. Treatment principle for kidney this tea is to preserve the kidney in unchanged form.

Red tea is not much different from black, but can be determined after brewing, when the sheet is deployed, the middle leaf is green and the edge – red. Continue reading