Periodontal disease: how to treat it. Folk remedies
Periodontal disease is considered a painful condition of the gums, which is associated with denudation of the neck of the tooth and the emergence of sensitivity to cold and hot.…

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Medicinal plants - scout note
Scouts operating behind enemy lines, in the provision of professional lizirovania assistance should know the basic medicinal plants and their therapeutic properties for the treatment and prevention of various diseases,…

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Alternative and traditional medicine. what to choose?

Many people know that traditional medicine is the whole of human life side by side with the alternative, what to choose and what drugs to trust their health, reflects each of us. But not everyone knows that traditional medicine has much to learn from alternative.

Between traditional and alternative medicine has many differences. What to choose, what type of medicine to entrust their health? No one can give an accurate answer. These two kinds of medicine have their benefits and each has that should be extracted in the form of a lesson from the other.

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But what is the difference between traditional and alternative medicine? It is obvious that traditional medicine is traditional; this means that many generations trust traditional medicine, it was used for many years. A huge amount of research was done and proved that her methods help people to recover. But, in practice, many doctors use drugs as a folk medicine to cure a particular ailment.

On the one hand, alternative medicine is beginning to replace traditional medicine. Many are thinking about the benefits of alternative medicine, comparing it to the usual, which is less harmful to human health, as verified by many experiments and time.

On the other hand, traditional medicine proved by many successful experiments,in addition to drug additives, from a scientific point of view, they are based on the results of animal experiments. Secondly, taking the pill, which is known not only doctors, but and you know them quite well, and know which drug to take in different situations, and the result really you receive results quickly. But in fact, traditional medicine is not so safe. If you are seriously ill, and forced to take antibiotics that negatively affect your kidneys, heart and liver.

As well known dependence on some drugs without food intake, a person can become irritable, get depressed or sick.

Alternative medicine, which is becoming more and more popular currently, has its own advantages and disadvantages. First of all, it is not based on many scientific studies, which can be dangerous for health. A doctor that provides alternative medicine needs not only to have higher education and have a good experience, but have talent, as he had in the past as a healer, in the villages.

Many years in the villages from different ailments were treated with decoctions of various herbs, but at the present time alternative medicine similar to this. But, nevertheless, it is safe, provided that you know what drug and under what conditions to accept.

The drugs of alternative medicine, as a rule, do not cause dependence, they can be used only when necessary and not fear for their health.

There are different types of alternative medicine which is trusted by the people, and they really help. For example, homeopathy, which is known worldwide pills on a grassy basis, could cure many diseases.