Zootherapy: the experts named five animals that treat man

For anybody not a secret that some Pets are beneficial to human health. In order to study all the healing power of fauna, an international group of experts conducted a number of studies. Through observations, it was possible to distinguish five of the brightest representatives of the animal world, which has opened up new opportunities for medicine. According HeadInsider, zootherapy, you can even treat diabetes, Parkinson’s disease or dementia.

Naturally, the first animal that comes to mind when it comes to animal therapy cat. These furry Pets – just an inexhaustible source of health. It is known that cats can contribute to the treatment of neuroses, depression, mental disorders. After 20 minutes in the company of your whiskered friend is aligned to the heartbeat and stabilizes blood pressure. Also practiced therapy cats when the pathologies of the respiratory system (e.g. asthma), disorders of the musculoskeletal system, endocrine system, reproductive system, joint diseases, fractures, injuries and even alcoholism and drug addiction, writes medikforum .

The presence in the house dogs, according to scientists, involves an active lifestyle. She needs to walk, not once a day. With that we get such “bonuses”, as keeping your weight normal, to be in the fresh air, the lack of depression and prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Note also that scientifically proved the ability of dogs to smell cancer in its early stages. The saliva of these animals has antibacterial properties. And not to mention the dogs-the dogs that replace human eyes.

More and more therapists worldwide attract for the treatment of humans horses. These clever and noble animals are particularly useful in the classroom with young patients who are sick with autism or mental disorders. Adults these animals derive from a protracted depression, as well as help to deal with addictions (drug addiction, alcoholism, etc.).

A huge impact on the maintenance of human health have bees. Products that produce these little toilers, possess unique properties. Honey, for example, is not only a tasty product, it is also used as a medicine and a cosmetic. Propolis is anti-fungal, immune-stimulating, regenerative and antibacterial agent. And the venom of bees is used in rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, neurologia and various pathologies of muscles and tendons.

Often participants in animal therapy act and snakes. They are used in spas for a relaxing and pain relieving massage, and snake venom is used to treat veins, joints and even cancer. Scientists claim that almost every animal is able in some way to relieve a person from various ailments. So if you still don’t have Pets, it’s time to think about how to make them and their own experience to verify their beneficial effects on humans.