Psychic healing and the anisotropic universe

Nicolai Levashov, a theoretical physicist and healer, received a fundamental education, as a theoretical radio physics, Kharkov University.

After graduation, not receiving, thus, the answers to his questions about natural phenomena, not calmed down and dared to create their own system of beliefs about the universe.

The basis of his theory he made a fundamental assertion that the universe is anisotropic. i.e. inhomogeneous in its spatial structure.

This concept, which is fully confirmed by the subsequent serious astrophysical research directly opposite the classical theory based on the theory of relativity.

As is well known, his theory States that the structure of space is uniform (isotropic), which gives him (space) the same qualities and properties in all directions and that the speed of light is constant and maximum.

From this Einstein’s theory implies that the substance should manifest itself the same way in any point of space.

However, Levashov, being both a scientist and healer, believes that the spatial anisotropy (heterogeneity) plays a major role in the creation, both macro-and microcosm.

This process unfolds through the eternal interplay of matter in space, which, in his opinion, is the cradle of all creation and is managed by a specific and quantifiable opredeleniyami, as a result of spatial anisotropy.

Levashov has laid out the mathematical formulation of this process.

In order to achieve the highest level of consciousness and high energy potential, the healer, passing the training with Levashov, must use the above understanding of the organization of the Universe, the purpose of creation of substances, or its splitting into its component elements, in the healing process, in accordance with the laws of Nature.

Learning the basics of healing given Levashov, on the basis of ideas about the laws of nature are explained, along with the attendant (healing) pitfalls and challenges.

In fact the healing process includes several stages:

Scanning (receiving informatsi about the condition of the body and cause disease).

Develop strategies and tactics to bring the body into healthy state (what needs to be done to restore human health).

Proper healing, including detoxification (removal of toxins and toxins), removal of morphologically altered (sick) cells, the creation of new healthy cells, instead of damaged, etc. that can be focused using the theory Levashov.

In confirmation of the effectiveness of its system are two unique cases of healing, Levashov children, previously had the disease, are not treatable .

Both cases are fully documented .

Psychic healing or healing “at a distance” — known since ancient times and was used by people everywhere.