Healing hands: training

That through the hands of a man undergoing some sort of energy, people have long had the concept. It’s no wonder the palm of the mother calms the crying child, and when you touch a good, kind person we feel coming from his hand warmly. The treatment of many diseases through the hands is an ancient system of healing, which was widely distributed among all peoples of the world. And this is a very powerful and dangerous tool. During the development of healing hands, training is of great importance, as it is not the right actions immediately can lead to irreversible changes in the human body.

Healing hands has long been known in Russia. In mastery it was owned by the quacks and bone-setters. Secrets and methods of conducting manual of the sessions were passed on from generation to generation and reached our days. Now the country has a very powerful school of manual therapy that combines the knowledge and experience of many generations of healers. The method of treatment is the laying on of hands in ancient times is well described in the gospel, Jesus used it to treat terminally ill and the infirm. To ensure in this way the required large domestic energy potential. To restore his energy Jesus spent time in remote areas away from prying eyes places in a constant concentration, and as we just said meditation.

By the beginning of the first century appeared the coherent system of healing hands training which was available to skomoroha priests of the Church. How does the mechanism of hands-on healing, or as it is called modern medical manual therapy? Found that on the fourth day of treatment, the body begins to react to the power of the healer. However, the main internal organs receive the required energy from the hands and restore their basic functions. Restores the functioning of the digestive system, and removes accumulated harmful substances from the body. This process can last a few days, and the patient’s response can be judged about processes.

At this time there is not only the physical recovery of the patient, but also achieved harmony in his spiritual condition, as the force energy healer reaches all the depths of the subconscious of a person and modifies his karma. The skillful application of the healing hands does not stimulate and does not suspend the power of the person. Primarily it harmonizes the energy metabolism in the body. This leads not only to physical healing and improvement at the emotional, karmic, and spiritual levels.

When working with the energies of the healer are constantly faced with the structures of the subtle body. For the successful conduct of the sessions required special knowledge for work with delicate matters and ways of energy transfer at different levels. In order to understand the meaning of healing hands, learning theory needs to be constantly supported by practical action. Special attention should be paid to the interaction with negative energy and protection against its harmful effects.

It has long been established that while working with any manifestation of negative energy powerful shield against the penetration has always been a prayer to God. This method gives the internal cleansing of the human soul and opens a special channel for the entry of fiery energy capable of removing any manifestation of negativity. Healers have always thought that payback for the lack of spirituality is a sickness. So whatever to endanger yourself and be confident in their abilities, each physician is obliged continuously to raise the spiritual level. In the process of acquiring experience and skills of the healer will reveal the immense potential of its ability to treat using hands.