Experience the removal of papillomas and warts of the American means

Hello, about ten years ago I was faced with this problem, as adolescents, actually at that time I did not even know what it is, just tested some new lesions on his body. In the beginning they were not much, probably about five pieces and all were located in different places(near the navel, armpits, around the neck). Any discomfort I caused, but with time, the belly button has grown a little and I didn’t like the way it looks.

Also after a few years I had a wart on the ring finger, it began to grow rapidly, I was not comfortable something to do with it, I was ashamed to show or to give your hand to someone was afraid that people would be disgusted. And by the time papillomas began to appear under my eyelids and on eyelids eyes. Even though they were small, I didn’t like to watch them on my face and they itched terribly. That’s when I realized that the time has come to get rid of it.

I started to search on the Internet, how and what to do, read the reviews of other people, faced with the same situation as me. Find really lot of different methods, ranging from folk medicine to laser. I started with my warts, I went to the pharmacy and bought a celandine, applied the tool properly, but the results were not there, unfortunately. Revising mnojestve about how warts are removed by laser or dry ice, the desire to go to the doctor I immediately was gone. Since it seemed not entirely pleasant procedure, and besides, my skin tags are very close to the eye, and I was afraid to get on unqualified doctor and stay just with no eyes!

I shared my problem with a friend, she advised me the remedy which removed the wart his daughter’s name in English as it was brought from South America. I decided to try it on my wart initially. The result was not long in coming, after three days the skin I rubbed this substance, turned yellow and there was a small hole in the center, I cut, again anointed the tool(this time it was painful) and within a week my wart was gone. To date, it remains something like a scar, has 2 years of new warts will not appear. Unfortunately, this tool does not order and it is very expensive, shipping is also expensive.

After that I decided to carry out the same procedure with my warts began with those who were under arms, navel and neck. Within a week all my skin tags disappeared. In the end I decided to do the same on the eyelid and underneath the eyes was very painful, hot, reddened skin from the burn, but almost all of HPV I have removed. My problem is that every time I removed the older growths, appeared new ones which are even more itchy. Now on my body about ten small warts, one on the lower eyelid, to remove yourself I just can’t, it often itches, it’s terribly awkward. The rest I have ceased to touch it, because you don’t want to buy new.

I would like to know, how is it possible once and for all get rid of these entities. And not still from the ointment Stealin similar residual effects?

The response specialist

I have to say that papillomas do not appear due to the fact that you removed them. The reason of their occurrence are papillomaviruses. If your immune system is not able to suppress the virus, papilloma begin to appear on the skin. Ointment of Stealin can remove already existing education, but can appear new again. This is a disease that should be treated. You need to tested by a doctor.