Alternative medicine

Alternative medicine is the restoration of health, using methods that are alternatives to formal medicine. To alternative medicine include traditional medicine of various peoples, methods that are not used in official medicine, as well as methods of diagnosis and treatment of integrative medicine, which combines the achievements of “Western” and “Eastern” medicine. We can say that alternative medicine is closer to “Eastern” medicine, as it actively uses its methods.

Official and alternative medicine

Official Western medicine is a science about diseases, about how to treat them. Oriental medicine is a science of health, about what you need to do to be healthy. This is their main difference. Official medicine also called academic, classic, “Western”. Its main approach is the impact on the symptoms of any health problems. The impact is primarily through pharmacological (chemical) drugs. In recent years, increasingly used drugs integrated: synthesized chemicals are combined with natural.

Official medicine “divides” man. This is confirmed by specialization of wrocaw medical institutions. Often a specialist in one area at the decision of problems with health does not account for how his treatment will affect other organs and systems.

Unlike “Western”, “Eastern” medicine treats the person as a whole. In the organism everything is interconnected. In practice, this situation is very interesting is implemented, for example: if for any reason there is no possibility to directly influence the sick organ or system, exposure can be done through other bodies or systems at a specific point (or period) of time.

“Eastern” medicine existed for at least 5,000 years. It considers man as a complex energy system: in addition to the physical body, a person has subtle bodies that form the so-called biofield (aura). Inside the body is functioning vital energy (in Chinese it’s called QI. the Japanese – KI). Thanks to her work all organs and systems of man (periodical activity is confirmed by official medicine). The internal energy through the chakra system is intimately connected with the external energy of the biofield. They observed a mutual influence on each other. Changes in the subtle bodies involve changes at the level of physiology, and the changes of the physical state of organs and systems of man affect his aura. Therefore, the impact of Eastern techniques aimed at normalization (alignment) of internal and external energy of a person.

Classical medicine recognizes that psycho-emotional sphere and physiology are interrelated and affect each other. Even the concept of “psychosomatic medicine” – the influence of psycho-emotional sphere on the physical condition of the body. However, in “Western” medicine is absolutely no such thing as the “subtle body”.

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