Growing medicinal plants at home

To have medicinal plants at home is very convenient and useful, and most importantly just. Home grown on the windowsill of medicinal and tea herbs in several ways – separately or together, in a basket, a pot or Cup.

For example, offer this option:

Drugs in a pot

To grow at home on the windowsill herbs you will need the following materials:

1. Ceramic pot with a diameter of 50 cm.

2. Floral earth and compost

3. Drainage

4. Permeable non-woven fabric

5. Complex fertilizers and mulch from the bark

For planting you will need a chemist’s camomile, tansy maiden, balm, peppermint eared. rosemary officinalis . These plants are distributed in a certain way in the pot. The location of herbs will be determined by their features.

Chamomile planted in the middle of the pot. This is upright a medicinal plant blooms in the period may-August. Its dried flowers are used to brew medicinal tea.

The rosemary is planted to the bottom right of daisies. Is evergreen and thermophilic, can not tolerate frost and must therefore spend the winter in the house. Flowering period March—June.

Melissa is a strongly growing plant may reach heights of up to 1 m. It needs to be pruned, otherwise melissapierce their neighbors and can stifle them. Used for tea, desserts, beverages, as well as an addition when making bouquets.

Tansy maiden — sits to the right of the daisies. Its flowers look like chamomile and are used together with leaves for brewing tea that helps from migraine.

Mint pigweed planted at the top left of the daisies. It is used for cooking sauces and tea. When brewing tea, take 3-4 mint sprig, crushed and pour boiling water. After half an hour the tea must be filtered through cheesecloth or a strainer, add crushed ice and sugar or honey to taste.

How to grow herbs at home in a pot

In a pot pour a layer of drainage. Then mix the earth with compost (3:1) and a handful of fertilizer. Mixed land poured into the pot, not reaching 5 cm to the edge. Now you can start planting. First plant a Daisy, then the others. After planting of medicinal plants gone, the soil must be compacted and mulch.

Here are a few ideas for inspiration:

Home for tea garden will suit linonophobia thyme, pigweed, and peppermint pelargonium. Put the first three into one large Cup or other kitchen utensils (preferably with the tea theme, for example, kettle or pot), and this bouquet will fill the place of his stay easy and enjoyable lemon flavor. Pelargonium can be planted in several individual cups, preferably the same. These flowers drain a pleasant sweet aroma.

Now you can safely replenish your flora home with a few good specimens of medicinal plants.