How shamans communicate with spirits?

The main communication in the shaman only with their own spirits or with the spirits of assistants.Which can be both multiple and one.

All this communication starts from the moment a person becomes a shaman.It is very heavy and not pleasant process.The so-called shamanic sickness.The man shakes,something like an epileptic fit.Accompanied by fever and delirium.This first conversation with the spirits.Man falls into unconsciousness.Wakes up and again and again.Knowledgeable people may invite an experienced shaman to help.And even though the shamans,the shamans in the spirit world,brutally fighting between themselves,fighting to the death,the shaman refuses to help.He can tell exactly this shamanic sickness or no.During this so-called disease,the question between man and the spirits,he will be the shaman and that means observe the new laws, and traditions,it is a different life,or die from the disease.If a person gives good spirits,that is, consent to become shamans,the disease goes away by itself.Here you have the first dialogue.A man returns to his full health life a slightly different person.In addition, there is also different practice of becoming a shaman is no less dangerous and bordering on death.

If a person after a disease does not comply with the contract with the spirits and continues to live the life which he lived before his illness we bheema give to know that he is not in the way agreed.That happens a lot,especially with successful people.Imagine you lived lived,became an advanced businessman and you live in the nature,Bang on a tambourine.The seizures will return, and so until people will not understand that this is not the ravings of a madman and the truth.

You can still long to write about it I’ll try to shorten as much as I can.

Shamans can be one of two types.Black or white.Often it will depend on these spirits of his assistants with whom he talked in the beginning.Black shaman can only reach in the lower or dark world of the spirits.Light in the upper world.

Black shaman is not so bad.On the contrary, they are much appreciated,as light in contrast to dark not to treat people.

The shaman communicates with the spirits of their helpers as friends.Look the part -sitting by himself with a talking fool,but not so simple.He sees and hears.Prank jokes laughs.But without them the Board itself don’t do anything,even diamonds.Generally they decide what tools to work with.What can I say.They say than who gets what and who is waiting.He,the shaman,a kind of unwitting transmitter between the world of the living and the dead.Some shamans of the spirits pass through.Horrible sight.The soul of the shaman leaves the body and enters the spirit helper or spirit invoked by a shaman.For example, a relative in need the help of man.

Here is how that so it goes away.You can certainly more detail to describe.Because they have so many interesting traditions.All sorts of nuances.

Why should only one creation of the tambourine!All day to write.About totem animals shaman.About something like shamanism and Vedic culture.Whole this topic is very interesting.