Invigorating Coca tea: secrets of South America

In one of the articles we mentioned to you about what is Coca tea, and now a more detailed talk about this miracle from South America.

In fact, tea brewed from Coca leaves, it has a yellowish-greenish color, pleasant taste and aroma. However, this is not important.

This tea perfectly tones up and even opens the second breath. If You’ve ever been and Latin America, you should know that. Our brother in the first place trying to try out the exclusive drink for the local population is not more than the ordinary.

Here drink this tea for many centuries. In principle, the Coca leaf is not only used in tea. They are also used in cooking, made candy and all sorts of Goodies. Help Coca leaves to cope with the mountain sickness. Especially chewing the leaves.

Immediately after this procedure significantly improves mood, increases efficiency, like grow wings. However the effect of these miracle leaves a limited, and then the tiredness comes back again, and with renewed vigor. So it should be considered.

Myths about tea with Coca leaves

We note that the use of Coca leaves is no physical dependence. It’s the same as using grains of the poppy. You know that is made from the stems of this plant, however, because eating poppy seed bagels dependence. And Coca leaves.

Leader in the manufacture of tea mate de Coca is definitely Peru. Here the leaves of this plant can be found in every market, as we have seeds. They are sold in bulk in the dried form. But in all supermarkets, You’re bound to find tea bags of Coca. In those same supermarkets and cookies, and candies with Coca leaves. That this is a safe treat is evidenced by the fact that they generally eat the local children.

The only trouble is what to take out of the country the leaves of the plant can, however, the problem is likely to arise at the customs of your arrival, since in many countries the importation of the Coca leaf banned. However with the carriage of bagged tea with no problems.

Growing up is a miracle?

Coca is the most common evergreen shrub that belongs to the family of Coca. Adult plant usually has a height of several meters, the fruits red, oblong. However, Coca tea, as You know, use just the leaves.

Than Coca tea healthy?

The fact that the Coca leaves in addition to micro and macro elements (phosphorus, sodium, potassium, calcium, iron), contain such necessary vitamins like A, E, C, B1, B2 and B3. When brewed in tea also contains alkaloidy, tannin, proteins. Thanks to the perfect combination of all these components, this tea is so beneficial to the human body.

As You already know, helps this tea to cope with the mountain sickness, eliminates dizziness, vomiting. In addition, AIDS in digestion, has antiseptic and analgesic properties. Recommend it and patients with gastritis, diarrhea. Can help in a number of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Coca tea is an effective anti-hangover drug. Relieves hangover syndrome like a hand, in addition, restores strength, and improves skin tone. Practically a godsend for the workaholic) However rely solely on this tea is not worth it, we need to rest. After all tonic effect has a temporary effect, and after the fatigue will come back as snow on the head.

How to drink and make tea mate de Coca?

Well here we’ll show You America. Since this tea we can buy in the packaged form, and its brewing is no different from brewing the same green or black tea bags. Fill the bag with boiling water, allow to infuse for at least 4 minutes-re, add sugar to taste, honey. cream. The drink is ready.

And you drank this tea? Share your experiences, we are very interested.