Vanilla: the use of intoxicants or harm

There is no person on the planet who has not admired the amazing beauty of an exotic flower – orchids. It is necessarily present in the home flower garden on the windowsill. Protecting her, admire her, care for her carefully, even assuming that home beauty is not only flowering, but also incredibly spicy cousin – the vine of the Orchid family, bearing sweet-fragrant Vanilla name.

Liana also incredible beautiful blooms, only the result of flowering (assuming pollination) become longer, reaching up to 20cm spicy pods. They look almost black (dark brown) and fleshy. But if you touch, it appears that the fruit is very tender, very buttery-fatty, rounded shape and very flexible. The main feature of vanilla is its bitter taste and the incomparable sweet spicy aroma. It is through these fruits of vanilla, and has become so popular and desirable. And it is good not only in sweet dishes and hot chocolate.

In the fruits of vanilla contains a sufficient amount of tannin. It is water-soluble aromatic organic elements of nature. It is thanks to these substances the flavor of the fruit of the vine used in aromatherapy. This sweet scent soothes swollen and nastroennoy system, effectively removes irritation and feeling of anxiety, fear. As fills the soul with peace, harmony and warmth. Traditional medicine enlists the aid of a spicy smell to treat many mental disorders.

There is another remarkable, and useful components contained in the pods. They are called mucous. In medicine they are called, coating materials, which are able to swell in water and possess considerable toughness. With their help, you can prevent the irritation of receptors, to quench the pain, reduce the impact on the body is harmful and causes inflammation of substances. But because vanilla is useful in dyspepsia, some varieties of fever and rheumatism, chlorosis. Very often vanilla extract is used to stimulate muscle activity and awakening the appetite.

And fatty – oily characteristics of the fruit due to the content of essential oil (up 1%) that is not less useful to the body. Primarily used in folk medicine and cosmetology. Essential oil is a soft recovery and stimulation of the receptors. Food and protection. So, for example, vanilla oil protects and tones the skin, nourishes and keeps it useful microelements.

The vanilla and oil in creams, scrubs and other beauty products not only reduces discomfort, soothes and nourishes, energizes and excites but – relieves drowsiness and apathy. That is why most massage creams contain this essential oil.

However, as tasty and flavorful not was the vanilla is still the spice, characterized by specific narcotic (highly persistent) smell. In addition, the abuse of natural vanilla, can cause allergic reactions, thereby to serve as emotionally depressing means. Although we must admit that the abuse of natural vanilla are virtually eliminated. This is due to its high cost.

Real harm to the body rather can cause its synthetic substitutes. Species of vanilla, vanilla sugar, extracts, essences and powders on the market a huge amount. They differ in the quality and synthesis technique. Accordingly, the content of synthetic aromatic aldehyde and essential oils varies in different proportions, which in itself is not beneficial for the body. And as practice shows synthetic vanilla is extremely corrosive and persistent. Being a long time in the room where the smells of vanilla, can lead to headache and other temporary disorders.