Periodontal disease: how to treat it. Folk remedies

Periodontal disease is considered a painful condition of the gums, which is associated with denudation of the neck of the tooth and the emergence of sensitivity to cold and hot. A possible cause of the disease is that people do small load on gums and teeth. We all prefer thermally processed foods raw fruits and vegetables, but both chewing activity is greatly reduced.

Meanwhile, the neglected periodontal disease can lead to loosening of the teeth. So if you do not treat the disease, the situation can only get worse.

If You just started a periodontal disease, You should abandon hot and cold drinks, sweet foods . Start every day eat more vegetables and fruits, drink herbal tea, eat more dairy products (milk, kefir, sour cream, cottage cheese).

In order to quickly heal periodontal disease, limit, or better eliminate from the diet: strong black tea, coffee and carbonated drinks, especially drinks with dyes.

Folk remedies and methods of periodontal disease

To cure periodontal disease folk remedies, You must prepare for the fact that it will require You a lot of time. If You start treatment, make sure you have nudeteensvsm all the procedures on time. The treatment will bring efficiency only if strictly follow the recipes of traditional medicine, using all components and necessary tools.

1. Fir oil

Wet a cotton swab with pine oil and apply to sore gums for 15 minutes. It is necessary to do such procedure 18 times, then take a break for six months and repeat the course of treatment.

Mix honey and salt in the following proportions – 20 g of honey on 10 g of salt. When honey is dissolved with salt, RUB the mixture into sore gums. Repeat this process repeatedly until you feel better.

Dissolve in a glass of boiled water, 20 drops of propolis tincture. This solution rinse the mouth several times. The procedure is repeated until improvement of the condition of the gums.

4. Rose petals

Dissolve in 100 g of water 30 drops of tincture of rose petals. Solution rinse your mouth several times.

Clean the cloves of garlic and RUB their gums. This procedure will greatly strengthen gums. The course of treatment is 2 weeks, then take a break for 5 days and again repeat the procedure.

5. Potato juice

Potato juice has a beneficial effect on gums. Used as a means of mouthwash. Its good properties can be found in the article “Potato benefits and harms “.

6. Oak bark

Take two parts of chopped oak bark and one part of lime color. Brew this dry mixture one Cup of boiling water. Once the solution is ready, rinse your mouth for several times.

For rinsing solutions should be warm.

Treatment of periodontal disease at the dentist

1. Diagnosis

Before treatment, the doctor diagnoses. This is carried out radiographic and x-ray examination that shows the level of destruction of bone tissue and microorganisms found. After that treatment.

If will be the General treatment of periodontal disease, should be conducted stimulation of the immune system.

In the topical treatment to reduce the inflammatory process flowing. In order to eliminate the lesion, using surgical methods.

Physiotherapy techniques will eliminate the germs and will contribute to the improvement of metabolic processes in the affected periodontal tissues. Blood circulation will be improved using the method of vacuum therapy .

If the patient is found periodontal disease of medium severity, we used curettage of gingival pockets. This method involves removal of infected tissue and the work of polishing the root surface of the tooth. The removal is performed using local anesthesia.