The cultivation of medicinal plants

An important direction of activity of LLC “Medical Company “traditional Medicine” is the organization of the Regional Center with the involvement of experts from leading agronomic, Botanical, pharmaceutical, medical, agricultural, environmental, and chemical establishments, St. Petersburg, Pskov and Novgorod, as well as interested private individuals and companies (farmers, producers of medicines and drugs) to create an agro-pharmaceutical infrastructure on cultivation, introduction, harvesting of medicinal plants and manufacturing herbal products from organic vegetable raw materials in North-West Russia.

With the establishment of agro-pharmaceutical infrastructure in the North-West region of Russia it is necessary to carry out the following tasks:

to form on the basis of the Agrotechnical University (Pushkin) and farms (Leningrad, Novgorod, Pskovskaya region) research and experimental nurseries (collection, seed, raw, breeding) for making science-based recommendations and technologies of cultivation of medicinal plants in Northwest Russia; to increase the areas and volumes of cultivation and preparations of medicinal plant raw materials throughout the region; to create the industrial resource base lekarstvennymi cultivated in Leningrad, Novgorod and Pskov region; to expand the range of species of medicinal plants for the production of clean and standards of GMP of herbal medicinal products; to give an economic evaluation of integrated work with a single infrastructure, allowing to grow, harvest, and produce high-quality plant-based medicines on the basis of “traditional medicine”; to provide jobs for the population in the establishment of small businesses and farms, promote agricultural sector of the economy for pharmacy and maintain domestic production of herbal remedies at the level of the North-West region of Russia; to prepare, create and develop an informational website on all the above issues to ensure accessibility of information to all segments of the population.

To implement these objectives it is necessary to form a Coordinating Council. which will include representatives of science, business and production.

LLC “Medical Company “traditional Medicine” to date is able and willing to create within one company full agro-pharmaceutical cycle from the cultivation of medicinal plants to selling finished products in the pharmacy network.

The main directions of research work of the LLC “Medical company “folk medicine”:

The use of Innovative technologies for the creation of medicinal herbal remedies. The implementation of the Strategy of development of pharmaceutical industry of the Russian Federation till 2020. Creation of infrastructure for cultivation, introduction, collection of medicinal plants and production of environmentally friendly herbal remedies. The expansion of the resource base of medicinal plants in Northwest Russia.

Conducting agronomic and pharmaceutical research and development of technology of cultivation of medicinal plants in the North-West region of Russia.