The center of Chinese traditional medicine

Dear residents and guests of Ust-Kamenogorsk city, only to have opened the Center of Chinese traditional medicine. Where you can plunge into antiquity, the founders of which was Shennong and railway station. Shennong experienced the healing properties of plants, while Phousi manufactured needles. So there was acupuncture, healing properties of which are not in any doubt. Treatment the founders of Chinese medicine in Ust-Kamenogorsk provided by qualified, licensed doctors of the people’s Republic of China sung and the Leg.

The Center is headed by Dr. sun, a medical doctor with years of experience in the field of Chinese medicine. In the treatment of various diseases using methods in Chinese medicine: diagnosis, acupuncture, acupressure, phytotherapy (herbal therapy).

In my practice, the doctor uses soon: complex analysis, dialectical treatment, traditional Chinese acupuncture, therapeutic massage, manual therapy and herbs.

The basis of acupuncture is the impact of special needles on the local nerve centers (acupressure points). Due to this, mobilizing the body’s defenses against various diseases. Stimulating these points can enhance the activity of the endocrine glands, improve circulation, and hence the supply of organs and tissues, to help restore organismele serious illness. Acupuncture is an ideal method of non-medicamental treatment.

Acupuncture describes the presence of 664 points on the body, acting on that with a needle you can achieve those or other results in the treatment of various diseases.

The point at which needle entered, are called “active”, they are different from other parts of the skin more sensitive, high electrical potential, a higher level of metabolic processes and so on. Specialist in acupuncture chooses a specific set of points, depending on the patient’s complaints and then acts on them by means of needles.

For long history, acupuncture has proved effective and, importantly, the safety and absence of side effects. For thousands of years, during which develops acupuncture, she was able to get rid of various diseases huge number of people, allowing them to lead a full life and not to remember previously tormented diseases.With acupuncture treat numerous diseases, including allergic diseases (urticaria, rhinitis, etc.), scoliosis, osteochondrosis of the spine, pleurisy, gout, bronchitis, tracheitis and cough. Acupuncture helps with infertility, gynecological diseases, genital herpes, cystitis, and also treat osteoarthritis of the knee.


– normalizes the work of nervous system (neuroses, insomnia, migraine and other diseases);

– relieves neuralgic pain (osteochondrosis, intervertebral hernia, sciatica, lumbago, radiculitis, protrusion);

– increases the body’s resistance to infections and viruses (boosts immunity);

– improves blood circulation and metabolism;

– improves the condition of joints (gout, arthritis, arthrosis);

– prevents inflammatory processes (pancreatitis, cholecystitis, bronchitis, cystitis, prostatitis);

– beneficial to the state of the muscle tissue and skin (atopic dermatitis).

Our Center offers a qualified interpreter who is fluent in the Chinese language and will always help You to find a common language with doctors.