Beauty secrets, recipes of youth and health

Beauty and health are important for women at any age. In order to look attractive and feel young, it is not necessary to have the standards of a runway model. If the facial skin will toned and fresh, hair is silky, figure – not burdened by excess weight, your success and your good mood will be guaranteed.

Not many beauty given by nature, but how many brilliant women who “made themselves” themselves? Cleopatra, Audrey Hepburn, Vivien Leigh, Coco Chanel, Edith Piaf. this list is endless. Each of us has a sparkle that is enough to see and to let see others, to become successful and charming.

Plastic surgery certainly help to create the appearance of beauty. But, in the hands of every woman there is a “secret weapon”, which does not depends on the skill of the surgeon or the goodwill of destiny is the desire to be beautiful, and still remain herself. In this section we have collected recipes of beauty and health for years to help women achieve their goals – to be the most charming and attractive at any age.

So, tune in to the victory over age and get introduced to our first “secret “of beauty.

Smile, please!

If under the influence of negative emotions your eyebrows start to converge from the nose, forming folds, and the corners of the lips down, do self-massage of facial muscles.

Light stroking movements, lightly touching the skin surface with fingertips, smooth appeared on the bridge of his nose in the crease from the center out to the sides. The number of repetitions is 5 to 6 times.

Perform surface movement, like taking off a thin spider’s web from his face. At the same time imagine that together with the web takes the tension of the muscles and you are exempted from negative emotions, from the severity of the negative situation that has led to irritation, anger or disappointment.

Then, placing the Palmar surface of a brush on the forehead so that their centers were in eyebrows, slightly stretch the skin of the forehead out to the sides and hold it in that position, counting to 60. Then lift the tips of his fingers drooping corners of the lips and, holding them in this position for a minute, try to shift your thoughts and to recall pleasant, happy event, or a beloved piece of nature — in other words, everything that can improve your mood.

Now smile and without opening your mouth, do circular movements of the tongue (inside) — 36 movements in one direction and the same in another. Accumulated in the mouth slowly swallow saliva, imagining that all over the body spread peace and relaxation.

Now join the tips of the fingers behind the earlobes and slowly pull them 5-6 times, gently squeezing.

Grasp hands behind neck and the back of the head, RUB their 5-6 movements from the center to the sides until your neck heat.

Self-massage you can do at work, right after the “emotional punch” knocked out of your sails. Arriving home, if necessary, repeat the procedure, adding a contrast bath for the feet. But water is not necessary to do a very cold and too hot, to not feel any additional discomfort. The water should be pleasant and comfortable for you. You can dip your feet in the tub and stick them under the faucet, change the water temperature. And you can omit the legs alternately in two basin with cool and hot water. After that, wiping feet, massage slow movements of the toes, stretching and sipping a bit each finger for 10-15 seconds.