Useful properties of herbs and plants. Spring without fatigue.

Today is the first day of spring! We waited for her with impatience. And what is sad that with the first warm rays of the sun, come weakness, not clearly whence the undertaken very tired and fatigue. Although the days are getting longer, but forces me to work, want to lie down and take a NAP. At night, on the contrary, suffer from insomnia. Among humans this is called spring fatigue, and the medical community – spring-summer beriberi.

I want to address the causes of this condition and how to deal with them, using the beneficial properties of herbs and plants.

Internal human biological clock is very sensitive to increased solar activity, cyclical changes in the environment, the change of regime of work and rest. In these conditions our body is experiencing the real stress and therefore, for successful struggle, he essential biological substances, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

In the spring and changed our diet. We eat fewer plant foods, and as a result, disturbed acid-base balance, decreased activity of internal organs and systems, resulting in lower immunity.

You don’t want to talk about banal “use” multivitamins during this period, as very skeptical about these things, but lately, after reading a lot literatureto this issue, I can say that the vitamin dosage should be increased at least 10 times to absorb the required daily amount of this or that vitamin or mineral.

Let’s get better in the spring vitamin deficiency, think about the gifts of mother nature and will use the beneficial properties of herbs and plants, which contains huge reserves of antioxidants (substances, normalizing acid-alkaline balance), the trace elements that restore the immune system.

Among the plants that help us when spring fatigue, the most common herbs that you can buy in the pharmacy or on the market, and in some regions and just to collect himself and prepare. This is Melissa, mint, dandelion . the fine-leaved willow-herb, tarragon (tarragon), leaves of birch.

Should drink during this period, the decoction of these herbs at least once a day in the morning 30-40 minutes before Breakfast half a Cup. In the first days You will feel a surge of strength and vigor.

A real storehouse of vitamins B and E are cereals, especially buckwheat. And the greatest content of these vitamins in young seedlings (no more than 1 mm. long) grains of wheat, corn, peas, oats. You must grind them and take 3 times a day before meals for 1 teaspoon 2-3 times a day.

To obtain the necessary amount of vitamin C, it is better infusion hips yet no one thought. The rose hip contains 7 times more of this vitamin than in fruits of black currant. Also a lot of vitamin C in onions, garlic and parsley, and of course drink tea with lemon.

Let’s not forget, dear friends, that in nature there is a cure for all diseases and ailments, you just have to highlight them of all the wealth. One of these riches of nature, are the useful properties of herbs and plants growing beneath our feet.