Treatment of varicose veins folk remedies.

Effective treatment of varicose veins is garlic oil. One patient, suffering from severe varicose veins, after months of using this method the treatment of varicose veins, patients veins went away and didn’t appear after a stressful holiday season!

Take a white garlic and mash it. Garlic is required with a white husk, not with bluish! After, mix it with two parts butter. This solution is applied to the protruding veins on the night, put on top of parchment paper, fastened with a bandage or a warm scarf. In the morning, washing your feet, put something warm on them.

Recall that one of the keys to successful treatment is diet for varicose veins.

Accidentally lucky with the recipe

I want to share with you one story that I found most instructive. I suffer from varicose veins, and very long ago. Summer at the cottage I decided to wear shorts, it is hot, thought still no one will see. And then the neighbor as evil over the fence “oohs” and ahhs, but how well you can. How can you run and it tells me one folk remedy. The recipe is as follows. You just need to bind to the patients venalation tomatoes, green better. It is clear that the neighbor I did not believe, as varicose veins as you know, is not treated.

Came very hot times of the veins in the legs began to hurt even more and stood out in high relief out of desperation I decided to try what you told me the neighbor to testify. Tonight at bedtime I tied the tomatoes, and the morning was shot, took six months. I wanted to stop doing this, but suddenly noticed that the bumps have become smaller and softer. A year has passed and the varicose veins disappeared completely. But I was rooting for them almost 15 years. The neighbor then bought a very expensive gift.

Recipe from the healer

I went to the doctor to the surgeon, and he made me very happy in a figurative sense. I was diagnosed with varicose veins. Told my best friend and his mother to the local traditional healer. Well, of course your mom too, he said. She advised that from their folk methods

Sour milk mixed with crushed herb wormwood. The porridge put a layer on a bandage and wrapped the leg. All the above need to eat mashed apples, prepared as follows. Three Apple varieties Antonovka pour 1 liter of boiling water, wait 180 minutes. Remove the apples and turn to mush. Porridge to eat two tablespoons in the morning and evening. After a week you will sleep, and I ceased to suffer, and before the dream to me was a hell.

Now I’m sure once a month, five days make lotions from wormwood and eating apples, then make a break for five days and again repeat all over again. I feel great!

Nettles saved me

I am one of those people who have varicose veins is inherited. In particular it was passed on to me from mom. In his youth, this disease is not very much bothered me, as on my feet, I almost did not stand. But if feet hurt, but loads of them. But once had delivered Vienna slipped out, and became very, very much whining. And at night to sleep for me, it was a feat. And I in this disease greatly helped nettles.

Though the treatment is very long, but very safe and effective. Need to do the following within six months of 2 tablespoons of herbs poured a glass of boiling water, hour insist, filtered, and drink a quarter Cup three times a day. Four weeks should take a break for two weeks and then repeat the treatment. To all that is to follow a certain diet. Namely to avoid fatty meats and smoked meats, fried fish (cooked fish rather beneficial!). And you will even be able to walk after this treatment.