Athlete’s foot – traditional methods of treatment

Foot fungus, a disease that is very easy to pick up but fall hard for him to get rid of. Pharmacy medications in most cases deliver only disappointment. However, the prevalence of this disease has led to the fact that there are many recipes of traditional medicine, which quite effectively eliminates continuous itching and unpleasant symptoms.

Our ancestors considered it very useful to walk barefoot as much as possible. In particular, the therapeutic effect has the morning dew. Grass celandine is known for its ability to treat almost all skin diseases, including fungus.

The juice of this plant, you can lubricate the affected nails. On the basis of celandine, you can take foot baths. Grass, and fresh, pour boiling water and cooled to room temperature, hovering at her feet. Delamination of the nail plate, cracks between toes, itching and burning indicate the presence of fungus.

To treat this disease with the help of coffee. Freshly ground natural drink is poured with water. One liter of water is necessary to take not less than 5 tablespoons of coffee. Foot in this tool need to keep for 30 min and legs after the procedure is not wiped off.

You need to wear cotton socks and wash feet in the morning. Such a procedure not only gets rid of fungus, but also relieve fatigue. The fungus disappears already after a month of baths. You can apply protorenessansa (aloe) affected areas of the feet and toes.

Some argue about the benefits of treatment with a slurry of baking soda and water. With the addition of soda there are a lot of recipes. In one of them two tablespoons of baking soda to dissolve in hot water and add grated grated Laundry soap. This means the legs need to keep up to complete cooling water.

All methods will give tangible results only in the case of regular use and to the complete disappearance of all symptoms of the fungus. There is an opinion that to get rid of fungus you need carry out so-called “acidification” of the body. In food or drinks Apple cider vinegar added. The fungus stops the pathological process of distribution and in most cases is on the wane.

Acetic essence or vinegar diluted with water and RUB this foot for treatment and prevention. You can make compresses of gruel of kernels, but at least seven or eight days. This measure helps to get rid of the “lead” of the nail. A decoction of the roots hips will help to cure the fungus after ten or twelve treatments.

An important condition for the prevention and treatment of foot fungus is good hygiene. It is necessary several times a day thoroughly wash your feet with soap and water. You need to wear only high-quality and comfortable shoes. In such diseases the immune system in humans is significantly reduced. Doctors recommend to pay great attention to nutrition. It is important to eat enough fruits and vegetables.

More walk in the fresh air or at least as often as possible to ventilate the living space. Good nutrition and hygiene able to assist in the treatment of not less than synthetic ointments or gels.