Adam’s Apple used in folk medicine

Adam’s Apple is the fruit of one of the largest deciduous trees of South America called maclura. This tree reaches about 1 meter in diameter and up to 20 meters in height. This tree has spiny branches and leaves are bright green in color, it refers to the family of Mulberry. This tree bears fruit large fruit of a round shape, the size of which can be in diameter from 10 to 15 cm resemble oranges with peel in pimples, only orange-green color. Except for the name Adam’s Apple, this fruit is called still like Chinese or Indian orange orange. Because it resembles in appearance an immature orange.

This fruit grows in latitudes with warmer climates, namely in Central Asia, also quite common in the Crimea and the Caucasus. But he came to us from South America.

The fruits are endowed with thick peel, which is a very sticky substance yellowish-white color and a small gray seeds, if you cut it in half, and it smells like fresh cucumber. These ripen fruits only in the middle of autumn, they are very useful in ripened form. An important nuance is the fact that the fruit Adam’s Apple is very poisonous and edible fresh, be consumed under any circumstances.

Allowables used in medicine for preparation of various drugs and strong antibiotics. Tinctures and ointments from the fruit of this plant have several medicinal properties and are widely used in alternative medicine.

Adam’s Apple useful and healing properties

All part of the Adam’s Apple contains a huge amount of nutrients (trace elements and organic acids), which make it curative in various diseases. It’s just a valuable source of components such as essential acids, including triterpene alcohols. All this is contained in a sticky juice, as mentioned already above it is easy to see if you cut any part of the fetus.

It is in this sticky to the touch fluid comprises biologically active elements, it is the sterols, bile acids, and saponins. In the chemical composition of the fruit contain high amount of sugar, isoflavones, fatty acids, kaempferol, pectin substances, as well as rare flavonoid compounds and by its structure similar to vitamin R.

What can be treated with the tincture maclura?

There is a large list of different diseases can help to cure the tincture. Tincture from the fruit of Adam’s Apple are able to inhibit the process of cancer cell division, apply the tincture with success when treating problems with joints, the spine, to eliminate a variety of inflammatory processes in the subcutaneous layers.

Very effective in the treatment of hemorrhagic pathologies, sinusitis, mastitis and fibroscopie, polyarthritis, severe calcification, intervertebral hernia, sciatica, acute hypertension, and gout. The drug is also prescribed for various skin diseases such as dermatitis, eczema of various forms, ulcers and hard to heal wounds.

Means on the basis of the fruits of maclura used as anti-sclerotic and anti-cancer, they help strengthen a weakened immune system, fight pathogenic viruses, remove fatigue and relieve toxicity. Can have a beneficial impact, for example on cardiovascular, including the nervous system, as well as to adjust the spleen and liver.