Healing, quackery

Healing- (from the word “holistic,” “make whole”),a ritual that allows you to heal the body, to adjust the correct operation of organs and systems, to cope with many diseases. At the reception, the specialist method of clairvoyance and pulse diagnosis will determine the condition of Your body, find the causes of diseases, will carry out the correction of energy of the body. and provide recommendations to maintain health.

In our time, when modern medicine is at a high level, contacting people for help to medicine men and healers, is not regarded as something reprehensible and archaic.

Healing. Its types

Combination of methods of treatment and prevention of diseases, has not received scientific confirmation of the efficacy and safety of their use, is called healing. Is that popularly referred to as non-traditional medicine (healing when used along with conventional methods of treatment). Sometimes, to healing resort, abandoning the traditional treatment. Then the healing is considered alternative medicine. Such cases are not uncommon, if traditional methods of treatment are powerless in the fight against the disease. Or a sick man essentially refuses to take medication and tests.

Methods of nonconventional or alternative medicine, there is quite a lot. And they are all based on abilities, skills of a healer, sometimes even extraordinary. These methods moutaineers:


bioenergy and psychic;


medical qigong;



energy medicine;

manual therapy;

vinolechenie or enoterapiya;

the Tibetan medicine.

Known numerous cases, when using the methods of alternative medicine achieved positive results in the treatment of diseases, which official medicine gave up.

Sorcery and its variants

Complex primitive, deeply rooted in antiquity, treatments, accompanied with special rituals, is called sorcery. The person practicing this treatment usually does not have to medicine in any way. His work is akin to magical rituals. Call them sorcerers or witches. This name comes from the word, so that requires certain knowledge and positive experience in their use for the treatment of humans, protection from damage, evil eye and witchcraft. Usually the ritual of treatment is accompanied by spells and incantations.

Among the varieties of healing:

herbal treatment;

apitherapy, or treatment with bee stings and bee products;

kastorovoe case;


the reduction of hernia.

Fixed assets the treatment of diseases in healers – is the use of herbs, incantations and prayers. Mages and sorcerers are distinguished by the fact that in their prayers they turn to God and the forces of good.

Different healers from healing

Both these concepts are popular methods of alternative medicine, and their roots lie in the ancient practices and knowledge. The main difference is that sorcery is basing his treatment on knowledge of the healing properties:


bee products;

animal fats;


aromatic oils;


And even in the treatment of read spells and prayers, the main healing effect is achieved from the knowledge of the healing properties of nature itself.

The healer, unlike the witch doctor, for the treatment uses no knowledge, but their abilities given by nature. It is impossible to become a healer, they need to be born. As a rule, these are people with strong psychic abilities, and strong energy. Healing is based on the gift of the healer, to heal the sick through touch, manipulation or effects on thin material. And the presence of certain knowledge only enhances the healing abilities of healers.

The scope of the impact of the healer is not so much the human body, how much bioenergy sheath.