Chinese folk medicine. Check for yourself

In the past articles I talked about how we went to China, got acquainted with Hunchun, ate Chinese food and travelled to the city of Tumen on the border with North Korea. What else do tourists in the border China?

Go to hospitals! Not because their stomachs can not stand Chinese food or in this country a very dangerous place to be, but because medicine here for the Russian people — fun budget. The leaflet, which will give at the border, replete with proposals of dental offices, plastic surgeons, massage therapists, doctors, osteopaths and pharmacists. Generally these booklets are worthy of particular note. Without laughter it is impossible to read — they are written, as you know, Russian, but with such pearls, which occasionally can still be found on products of Chinese hosiery industry, for example. That only is the store “Kiss the Fish”, the restaurant “Ira-Nadia” (the restaurant “Masha” is also available) and address of the hotel in the same booklet: obliquely from the Chinese store, on the East side — the village of my grandfather practically.

All medical establishments tout pass conceivable procedure, among colorimage mysterious “Igloo”. On the second evening in Hunicane we decided to try Chinese massage, told this to our guide’s Wife, and almost immediately our car has arrived to take us to the center of “Queen of the East”.

All Chinese for convenience, there is also Russian names — Dr. Lev, the head physician Denis. We got to the massage to Anatolia. Well, we initially did not know that this is Anatoly, but before the session he introduced himself, in very broken Russian, asked how old we are (summary Snoop Dogg — “Young!”) and whom we work (to explain my profession I could not), and then we in turn received from Anatoly same verdict: “Everything is bad”. I, for example, Anatoly advised me to go for a massage for 40 days (but, probably, I not absolutely correctly understand its Chinese Russian, because my Russian he also said, “Everything is bad”, and I have the same things with Chinese), and Uliana had such a massage that traces of it still scared us for a few days. I must say, all the first time was on a professional massage, so was frozen with terror, when Anatoly was unceremoniously pulled my hands so that everything inside is crunched. The therapist discovered that I have the offset of the vertebrae, convulsions, weak pulse, cardiac arrhythmias and poor heart function — how do I live with it?

But despite the horror and pessimism Anatoly about our health, the main goal we finally reached — after a massage back ache stopped, and we did not go, and flew. Write now and would gladly have repeated a few sessions, back and asked: “Anatoly! Anatoly!”

On another day we went to the pharmacy, which in Hunicane at every step, and decided to measure the pressure and listen to the doctor — what more can we say scary. It is offered every drug store and widely advertised in the brochures with a clumsy translation, of course. But the doctor at the pharmacy could not understand (or pretended) that we want from him and then fled in terror, leaving us in a hall — large white women patients. So we went from China are inspected, but not until the end. In backpacks carried healing potions. But about them next time.