Adnexitis – treatment of folk remedies

This disease, which easily confused with the banal colds. Woman with adnexitis feels a General malaise, body temperature rises she bothers chills, headache. Often joined by nausea and vomiting, increased irritability. Gradually appears in belly aching pain, which radiates to the lower back, thigh. All these symptoms indicate a developing inflammation of the appendages, the cause of which is infection. At this time the woman is advised to take medicines relieving inflammation and destroy the infectious agents. You can use phytotherapeutic drugs.

Enhanced immunity

To start the treatment of adnexitis is with a trivial of their own protective forces. To defeat the infection without the use of serious drugs, it is necessary to strengthen the immune system. You can drink vitamin rosehip tea, cranberry or cranberry juice. Additionally, it should be consumed fruits and vegetables in large quantities. “Wash out” the infection will be accelerated if the body will flow plenty of liquids. You need to drink mineral or pure water, weak tea with lemon slices.

As an antiseptic and means that increase the immune system, like natural honey. It is necessary to dissolve slowly, to eat daily at 50-80 g of product.

Infusion of Arnica in the treatment of adnexitis folk remedies

Arnica flowers – raw materials with components having protivovospalitelnym. In a glass of boiled water take 10 flowers, is heated to the boil, leave for an hour in a sealed container. Strained infusion drink before meals three times a day, one spoon is sufficient for the drugs.

Tincture of ortiliya

The plant is commonly called upland uterus. It is perfect for the treatment of inflammation. relieves pain. Use it also in the treatment of adnexitis in the form of a tincture. In the bottle of vodka insist 50 grams of grass a month kept in a shaded closet, decanted, start month course of treatment. At the reception take 30 drops of tincture, diluted in 50 ml of water. Take medicine three times a day.


If adnexitis is useful to douching herbs. It is better to use raw materials containing substances exhibiting anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Mix chamomile flowers, calendula herb and knotweed in equal proportions. Spoon the Assembly can withstand under a closed lid in a glass of boiling water. Lukewarm filtered infusion printouts before bedtime during the week.

Steam bath

In a liter of milk boil a few cabbage leaves, pour the mass into the pelvis, sit on it so that the steam warmed up the crotch. Repeat the procedure every evening before bed until you feel better.

Healing potion

Anti-inflammatory gathering helps eradicate the infection. Sweet clover, centaury and mother-and-stepmother is mixed, spoon the mass of boiled water, after an hour decant. This drug works if you drink it 6 times a day of 70-80 ml. in the Course of treatment is 4 weeks.

Approach to the treatment of inflammation of the appendages must be comprehensive. Increase immunity and the use of folk medicines will eliminate the inflammation and get rid of unpleasant and painful symptoms of adnexitis.