Alternative and traditional medicine

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Tava healing series

Series is widely used for the treatment of skin diseases and some diseases of internal organs. Her flowers make teas, medicinal oils and infusions. The extract series is contained in some medications. It can be used as prophylaxis.

The healing properties of a series known as the in folk medicine and in traditional. This plant is used not only externally, but also inside. It has anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory properties. It is recommended for various skin diseases, bleeding. Also the train has diaphoretic and diuretic properties. When used properly, it will not only help to normalize the metabolism, improve digestion, and reduce blood pressure. It is used for the treatment of spleen, bronchitis, and even such serious diseases as diabetes.

Several years ago research studies were conducted in laboratory conditions were studied properties of this plant. It has been proven that decoctions and infusions of it in its effect very similar to holistic medicines, that is to activate the movement of bile. Animal experiments have shown that the drugs have an extract of a series povyshatelnoe bile acids, and protect the liver and relieve inflammation.

Used in folk medicine decoctions, tinctures of succession. In diathesis, rickets and skin diseases, including for young children used a decoction. For this you need 3 large tablespoons pour a liter of boiling water and give in an hour to infuse. A decoction added to a bath. This same recipe is used for the treatment of psoriasis. In this case, the broth need to moisten the sore spots at least three times a day. Also it is recommended to ingest one tablespoon. Continue reading

Growing medicinal plants at home

To have medicinal plants at home is very convenient and useful, and most importantly just. Home grown on the windowsill of medicinal and tea herbs in several ways – separately or together, in a basket, a pot or Cup.

For example, offer this option:

Drugs in a pot

To grow at home on the windowsill herbs you will need the following materials:

1. Ceramic pot with a diameter of 50 cm.

2. Floral earth and compost

3. Drainage

4. Permeable non-woven fabric

5. Complex fertilizers and mulch from the bark

For planting you will need a chemist’s camomile, tansy maiden, balm, peppermint eared. rosemary officinalis . These plants are distributed in a certain way in the pot. The location of herbs will be determined by their features. Continue reading

How shamans communicate with spirits?

The main communication in the shaman only with their own spirits or with the spirits of assistants.Which can be both multiple and one.

All this communication starts from the moment a person becomes a shaman.It is very heavy and not pleasant process.The so-called shamanic sickness.The man shakes,something like an epileptic fit.Accompanied by fever and delirium.This first conversation with the spirits.Man falls into unconsciousness.Wakes up and again and again.Knowledgeable people may invite an experienced shaman to help.And even though the shamans,the shamans in the spirit world,brutally fighting between themselves,fighting to the death,the shaman refuses to help.He can tell exactly this shamanic sickness or no.During this so-called disease,the question between man and the spirits,he will be the shaman and that means observe the new laws, and traditions,it is a different life,or die from the disease.If a person gives good spirits,that is, consent to become shamans,the disease goes away by itself.Here you have the first dialogue.A man returns to his full health life a slightly different person.In addition, there is also different practice of becoming a shaman is no less dangerous and bordering on death. Continue reading

Invigorating Coca tea: secrets of South America

In one of the articles we mentioned to you about what is Coca tea, and now a more detailed talk about this miracle from South America.

In fact, tea brewed from Coca leaves, it has a yellowish-greenish color, pleasant taste and aroma. However, this is not important.

This tea perfectly tones up and even opens the second breath. If You’ve ever been and Latin America, you should know that. Our brother in the first place trying to try out the exclusive drink for the local population is not more than the ordinary.

Here drink this tea for many centuries. In principle, the Coca leaf is not only used in tea. They are also used in cooking, made candy and all sorts of Goodies. Help Coca leaves to cope with the mountain sickness. Especially chewing the leaves.

Immediately after this procedure significantly improves mood, increases efficiency, like grow wings. However the effect of these miracle leaves a limited, and then the tiredness comes back again, and with renewed vigor. So it should be considered. Continue reading

Vanilla: the use of intoxicants or harm

There is no person on the planet who has not admired the amazing beauty of an exotic flower – orchids. It is necessarily present in the home flower garden on the windowsill. Protecting her, admire her, care for her carefully, even assuming that home beauty is not only flowering, but also incredibly spicy cousin – the vine of the Orchid family, bearing sweet-fragrant Vanilla name.

Liana also incredible beautiful blooms, only the result of flowering (assuming pollination) become longer, reaching up to 20cm spicy pods. They look almost black (dark brown) and fleshy. But if you touch, it appears that the fruit is very tender, very buttery-fatty, rounded shape and very flexible. The main feature of vanilla is its bitter taste and the incomparable sweet spicy aroma. It is through these fruits of vanilla, and has become so popular and desirable. And it is good not only in sweet dishes and hot chocolate.

In the fruits of vanilla contains a sufficient amount of tannin. It is water-soluble aromatic organic elements of nature. It is thanks to these substances the flavor of the fruit of the vine used in aromatherapy. This sweet scent soothes swollen and nastroennoy system, effectively removes irritation and feeling of anxiety, fear. As fills the soul with peace, harmony and warmth. Traditional medicine enlists the aid of a spicy smell to treat many mental disorders. Continue reading

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