Growing medicinal plants at home

To have medicinal plants at home is very convenient and useful, and most importantly just. Home grown on the windowsill of medicinal and tea herbs in several ways – separately or together, in a basket, a pot or Cup.

For example, offer this option:

Drugs in a pot

To grow at home on the windowsill herbs you will need the following materials:

1. Ceramic pot with a diameter of 50 cm.

2. Floral earth and compost

3. Drainage

4. Permeable non-woven fabric

5. Complex fertilizers and mulch from the bark

For planting you will need a chemist’s camomile, tansy maiden, balm, peppermint eared. rosemary officinalis . These plants are distributed in a certain way in the pot. The location of herbs will be determined by their features. Continue reading

Folk remedies beauty

Probably every lady will be able to remember myself as a little girl, because then the world seemed incredibly simple, so fabulous and carefree. Then wanted to grow faster, look older than their years. Time. alas, fleeting. Today with sadness we remember soft, supple and smooth our skin, which was so long ago: in the distant youth….

Beauty and health . youth and active lifestyle, food combining diet and fitness today very urgent for the modern Lady. From our appearance depends all: career, confidence. family idyll. Absolutely all girls are created to be very desirable, the only and beloved ones!

However, in order to look well-groomed today, young. beautiful, luxury to the delight of himself and the envy of my friends, now you don’t have to go under the knife to the surgeon. There is an incredibly simple and very effective women’s secrets . are able to provide very valuable assistance to health, youth, beauty!

Our food and environment. healthy restful sleep. healthy eating. our thoughts determine how we look today. So, just changing some of our habits and lifestyle, you can look tens of years younger, chuvstvovala yourself strong. energetic and extremely happy! To be young, beautiful, fine and healthy is possible! Our site will help You! Continue reading

The center of Chinese traditional medicine

Dear residents and guests of Ust-Kamenogorsk city, only to have opened the Center of Chinese traditional medicine. Where you can plunge into antiquity, the founders of which was Shennong and railway station. Shennong experienced the healing properties of plants, while Phousi manufactured needles. So there was acupuncture, healing properties of which are not in any doubt. Treatment the founders of Chinese medicine in Ust-Kamenogorsk provided by qualified, licensed doctors of the people’s Republic of China sung and the Leg.

The Center is headed by Dr. sun, a medical doctor with years of experience in the field of Chinese medicine. In the treatment of various diseases using methods in Chinese medicine: diagnosis, acupuncture, acupressure, phytotherapy (herbal therapy).

In my practice, the doctor uses soon: complex analysis, dialectical treatment, traditional Chinese acupuncture, therapeutic massage, manual therapy and herbs. Continue reading