The main provisions of the Vietnamese respiratory therapy in the system Zongsheng

Vietnam respiratory system is based on two kinds of breathing: thoracic and abdominal. If abdominal breathing is using the diaphragm, the chest breathing through the contraction and relaxation of the pectoral muscles, lifting and lowering of the ribs of the chest.

Below we will consider the so-called “four-phase” Vietnamese yoga breathing, which is the simultaneous method of training the nervous, circulatory and energy systems of the human body.

As mentioned above, the basis of Vietnamese yoga are two types of breathing – thoracic and abdominal. Their combination will give you the opportunity to influence or lead by means of breathing processes of excitation and inhibition in the nervous system, which helps to improve blood circulation in the body and the energy exchange, will create the preconditions for disease prevention or treatment. In order to master the breathing techniques of yoga Vietnamese, it is necessary to osoitinta and relaxation of the muscles of breathing apparatus. The following two lessons-exercises will help you with this.

1. Without straining the abdominal muscles, the belly will viparita forward and shorten the muscles of the diaphragm, pushing it far into the lower abdomen. Avoid the mistakes many yoga practitioners: when the protrusion of the abdomen the diaphragm remains stationary. Of course, breathing is not carried out.

2. Shut off the larynx, shorten the muscles of the chest, lower ribs down, most gather in a stomach, lift your diaphragm together with the guts, liver, spleen and stomach.

Attention! During exercise the contraction of the muscles of breathing apparatus may experience some side effects, which should be prepared: headache, dizziness, rush of blood to the face and redness, the sensation of tightness in the chest, slow blood circulation. Therefore, it is necessary to master the system gradually, step by step. Continue reading

Healing hands: training

That through the hands of a man undergoing some sort of energy, people have long had the concept. It’s no wonder the palm of the mother calms the crying child, and when you touch a good, kind person we feel coming from his hand warmly. The treatment of many diseases through the hands is an ancient system of healing, which was widely distributed among all peoples of the world. And this is a very powerful and dangerous tool. During the development of healing hands, training is of great importance, as it is not the right actions immediately can lead to irreversible changes in the human body.

Healing hands has long been known in Russia. In mastery it was owned by the quacks and bone-setters. Secrets and methods of conducting manual of the sessions were passed on from generation to generation and reached our days. Now the country has a very powerful school of manual therapy that combines the knowledge and experience of many generations of healers. The method of treatment is the laying on of hands in ancient times is well described in the gospel, Jesus used it to treat terminally ill and the infirm. To ensure in this way the required large domestic energy potential. To restore his energy Jesus spent time in remote areas away from prying eyes places in a constant concentration, and as we just said meditation. Continue reading

Vanilla: the use of intoxicants or harm

There is no person on the planet who has not admired the amazing beauty of an exotic flower – orchids. It is necessarily present in the home flower garden on the windowsill. Protecting her, admire her, care for her carefully, even assuming that home beauty is not only flowering, but also incredibly spicy cousin – the vine of the Orchid family, bearing sweet-fragrant Vanilla name.

Liana also incredible beautiful blooms, only the result of flowering (assuming pollination) become longer, reaching up to 20cm spicy pods. They look almost black (dark brown) and fleshy. But if you touch, it appears that the fruit is very tender, very buttery-fatty, rounded shape and very flexible. The main feature of vanilla is its bitter taste and the incomparable sweet spicy aroma. It is through these fruits of vanilla, and has become so popular and desirable. And it is good not only in sweet dishes and hot chocolate.

In the fruits of vanilla contains a sufficient amount of tannin. It is water-soluble aromatic organic elements of nature. It is thanks to these substances the flavor of the fruit of the vine used in aromatherapy. This sweet scent soothes swollen and nastroennoy system, effectively removes irritation and feeling of anxiety, fear. As fills the soul with peace, harmony and warmth. Traditional medicine enlists the aid of a spicy smell to treat many mental disorders. Continue reading