Adnexitis – treatment of folk remedies

This disease, which easily confused with the banal colds. Woman with adnexitis feels a General malaise, body temperature rises she bothers chills, headache. Often joined by nausea and vomiting, increased irritability. Gradually appears in belly aching pain, which radiates to the lower back, thigh. All these symptoms indicate a developing inflammation of the appendages, the cause of which is infection. At this time the woman is advised to take medicines relieving inflammation and destroy the infectious agents. You can use phytotherapeutic drugs.

Enhanced immunity

To start the treatment of adnexitis is with a trivial of their own protective forces. To defeat the infection without the use of serious drugs, it is necessary to strengthen the immune system. You can drink vitamin rosehip tea, cranberry or cranberry juice. Additionally, it should be consumed fruits and vegetables in large quantities. “Wash out” the infection will be accelerated if the body will flow plenty of liquids. You need to drink mineral or pure water, weak tea with lemon slices.

As an antiseptic and means that increase the immune system, like natural honey. It is necessary to dissolve slowly, to eat daily at 50-80 g of product.

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