The symptoms and treatment of impotence: folk medicine of China

Statistics show that more and more people get sick for a variety of ailments. The reasons for this are much more than enough. For example, poor environmental conditions, poor food composition, which has a lot of harmful chemical elements, bad habits and many other factors. Unfortunately half of men aged 35 to 45 years of age suffer from such a disease as impotence. Impotence is expressed in the inability to maintain an erection or even to exercise.

All this adversely affects the emotional state of the strong half of mankind. Emotions, stress, sexual insecurity, and what’s worse, distrust between partners, and even family breakdown. Because sexual activity depends a lot in the relationship. The reasons for the existence of this diseases is of two kinds. First, stress factors, the second is physiological. Impotence caused by stress can be treated quickly and effectively. The therapist will quickly help you to regain confidence and to drive away all fears, bringing you out of stress. Physiological factors are a bit more complicated. Impotence of physiological origin can arise even from a young age. For example, previously transferred to orologiodatavoloaz, kidney disease, acute cystitis, diabetes mellitus and even unhealthy habits. Although the impotence of this type is more difficult to cure, music still possible. The most simple, safe and effective treatment for this ailments are popular methods. Continue reading

Healing hands: training

That through the hands of a man undergoing some sort of energy, people have long had the concept. It’s no wonder the palm of the mother calms the crying child, and when you touch a good, kind person we feel coming from his hand warmly. The treatment of many diseases through the hands is an ancient system of healing, which was widely distributed among all peoples of the world. And this is a very powerful and dangerous tool. During the development of healing hands, training is of great importance, as it is not the right actions immediately can lead to irreversible changes in the human body.

Healing hands has long been known in Russia. In mastery it was owned by the quacks and bone-setters. Secrets and methods of conducting manual of the sessions were passed on from generation to generation and reached our days. Now the country has a very powerful school of manual therapy that combines the knowledge and experience of many generations of healers. The method of treatment is the laying on of hands in ancient times is well described in the gospel, Jesus used it to treat terminally ill and the infirm. To ensure in this way the required large domestic energy potential. To restore his energy Jesus spent time in remote areas away from prying eyes places in a constant concentration, and as we just said meditation. Continue reading

Athlete’s foot – traditional methods of treatment

Foot fungus, a disease that is very easy to pick up but fall hard for him to get rid of. Pharmacy medications in most cases deliver only disappointment. However, the prevalence of this disease has led to the fact that there are many recipes of traditional medicine, which quite effectively eliminates continuous itching and unpleasant symptoms.

Our ancestors considered it very useful to walk barefoot as much as possible. In particular, the therapeutic effect has the morning dew. Grass celandine is known for its ability to treat almost all skin diseases, including fungus.

The juice of this plant, you can lubricate the affected nails. On the basis of celandine, you can take foot baths. Grass, and fresh, pour boiling water and cooled to room temperature, hovering at her feet. Delamination of the nail plate, cracks between toes, itching and burning indicate the presence of fungus.

To treat this disease with the help of coffee. Freshly ground natural drink is poured with water. One liter of water is necessary to take not less than 5 tablespoons of coffee. Foot in this tool need to keep for 30 min and legs after the procedure is not wiped off. Continue reading